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MP pilot modules

The hollow fiber membranes are available in a variety of pore sizes and suitable for a wide range of applications. Our extensive portfolio of membrane products guarantees the right specifications for each application. The MexFil™ MP modules can be used to perform quick filtration test and find the best specification for your application. The standard MP modules are available in 300mm and can be used in our MexPlorer Test Unit.

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MexPlorer Test Unit

The MexPlorer Test Unit is designed to test our MP modules. The unit will provide information on product water quality and flux that can be achieved with the complete range of hollow fiber MF, UF and dNF membranes. The unit is housed in a flight case to allow for easy transportation.

It is a manual pilot installation designed to perform quick filtration tests. Although many tests are possible, the MexPlorer unit is primarily intended to assess the filtration behavior of a particular type of water with a particular type of membrane. In a short period of time information can be obtained about the product water quality that can be produced with various membranes and various feed waters.

Contact us

You can test our hollow fiber membranes by buying our MexFil™ MP lab & pilot modules. Send your inquiry to, specify the type of membrane, and the size of the module you would like to order. You’ll receive an quotation as soon as possible. More (technical) information about our MexPlorer Test Unit is also available upon request.

Our team is more than willing to help you.

  • The UF075 and dNF MP modules 300mm PVC are sold for € 125 ex. VAT
  • The MF100 MP modules 300mm PSU/PSF are sold for € 200 ex. VAT
  • The MexPlorer Test Unit is available at € 6.000 ex. VAT

"guaranteed the right specifications for each application"

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