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NX Filtration is manufacturer of MEXFIL™ hollow fiber membranes for use in Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration applications. These membranes are based on versatile (modified) poly-ether-sulfone (PES) chemistry. PES provides outstanding properties with respect to thermal and chemical resistance. Compared to other membrane materials PES enables the production of membranes with very small pore sizes and narrow pore size distribution.

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Microfiltration (MF) membranes are designed to remove larger constituents from any fluid stream via size exclusion. NX Filtration offers MF membranes with a variety of pore sizes, all suitable for a wide range of applications such as dairy processing, sterilization, wine clarification and beer filtration. For Food and Beverage applications modules are made with high performance plastics, have a sanitary design, and comply with FDA regulations. For more information, please check out our Microfiltration product page.

Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are used in a wide range of applications, varying from RO-pretreatment, potable water production, and waste water treatment. With their relative small pore size, Ultrafiltration is the preferred choice for the removal viruses, bacteria, solids and colloids from any stream of water. The integrity of the membrane fibers ensures uncompromised virus and bacterial removal. Furthermore, the small and uniform pores of the UF membranes improves the fouling behavior during filtration. Learn more on our Ultrafiltration solutions.

Direct Nanofiltration (dNF) membranes remove organics and dissolved salt from water. The separation mechanism is typically based on a combination of size exclusion, charge exclusion, and solution-diffusion. The primary focus of our direct Nanofiltration is the removal of organic micro-pollutants in potable water applications. Our unique dNF are design the be operated in a single step, without the any for an extenscive pre-treatment. Other applications of our dNF membranes include: the removal of disinfection by-products precursors, water softening, recovery of high value streams. Find out more about our dNF products on the direct Nanofiltration product page.

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The NX Filtration MP modules are used for lab and pilot trial. MP modules are available for the complete range of NX Filtration hollow fiber MF, UF and dNF membranes.

We can supply a manual testing unit for our MP modules, the MexPlorer Test Unit. The unit is housed in a flight case to allow easy transportation. All valves, instrumentation, and pump are mounted on a panel inside the case to allow for easy operation. A pump with VFD provides the ability to operate in cross flow mode as well as semi dead end mode.

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