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NX Filtration to participate in INTERREG-MEDUWA project

MEDUWA (MEDicines Unwanted in Water) develops innovative solutions to avoid emissions of pharmaceuticals and multi-resistant microorganisms into soil,  water, air, and food.

Recently, a new project of the EU-funded Dutch-German Meduwa consortium in which NX Filtration (NXF) participates has been approved.  Focus of the NXF project will be on the development of a process using hollow fiber nanofiltration to remove micro-pollutants from surface water for the production of potable water. Another application that will be investigated is final treatment of municipal waste water prior to discharge meeting strict EU regulations.

The hollow fiber configuration is expected to reduce energy costs and reduce pretreatment of the membrane process and is expected to result in a significant reduction in capital as well as operating cost. Various municipalities and industrial clients have expressed interest in this new nanofiltration process with the ability to efficiently remove micro-pollutants.

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