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NX Filtration partner in new NWO LIFT grant


The University of Twente, together with NX Filtration and Dutch water company Oasen, was recently awarded with a grant by the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Within the Launchpad for Innovative Technology (LIFT) platform, next generation nanofiltration membranes will be developed over a period of 4-5 years.

Being a recent spin-off, NX Filtration already has a strong connection with the University of Twente and especially with the recognized Membrane Science and Technology group. This new project allows NX Filtration to continue to be part of the development of highly selective and permeable, hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes. In the end the membranes will be validated, together with Oasen, under real conditions for de the production of pure water.

,,The LIFT platform is an ideal format for companies like NX Filtration, that want to keep up with the cutting-edge membrane technologies” according to Joris de Grooth, Research Manager at NX Filtration. ,,In this project we will try to take thin film separation layers to the next level, by making the selective layers as thin and dense as possible.”

NX Filtration already has a competitive portfolio for hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes. For more information about these products or the LIFT project, please contact us at:


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