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The extensive experience of the NXF team in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of polymeric membranes enabled the present advances. NXF owns IP on membranes and modules that form the basis for its novel membrane production technologies and diverse membrane products. Patents that have been awarded include US20100307946, US20130192459 and US2012132580; additional patent applications are pending.

US 20100307946 – Membrane Holder: patent that describes the assembly of membrane holders to form a filter cartridge

US 2012132580 – Forming a membrane holder; patent that describes the formation of a membrane holder using one V-shaped cross-sectional form

US 20130192459 – Spinneret Chemistry: patent that describes a one step spinning process to create thin selective layers at the inner or outer surface of a hollow fiber membrane


US 20190201852 – Method for the Production of Positively Charged Membranes: patent relates to a positively charged membrane obtainable by the methods of present invention and the use of these positively charged membranes. 

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