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Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration: Competitive technology for waste water reuse

Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration is a very competitive technology for waste water reuse in The Netherlands, is the conclusion in study by ‘Energy and Resources Factory’.

The specific case study concludes that treatment costs of the configuration with Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration are comparable with the lowest drinking water tariffs in the Netherlands. A collaborative network organization of the Dutch Water Boards called ‘Energy and Resources Factory’ (Energie- en Grondstoffenfabriek) has published an inspirational document about the possibilities of waste water reuse and the recovery of nutrients from waste water.

In total 4 different case studies were made with different technologies and uses of the treated water. The workgroup did not only look at specific technologies but was able to compare complete treatment set-ups with each other, looking both at economics as well as potential reuse applications (e.g. industrial, agricultural, greenhouses).

At this moment this publication is only available in Dutch:

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