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University of Twente

Per the first of October 2012 Erik Roesink started as a professor leading the chair Advanced Membranes for Aqueous Applications at the University of Twente.

The topic of his research is on polymeric membranes, including the development of novel membranes and the application of membrane technology for water treatment, e.g. water purification, desalination, membrane bio-reactors and waste water treatment.

More specific, subjects for his research are:

Development of novel hollow fiber NF and RO membranes – Novel materials, combined with nanomaterials, applied in new membrane formation processes will be explored to find new production ways for nano-composite membranes.

Solvent free membranes – Most polymeric membranes are based upon the phase inversion process that starts with a polymer solution in aprotic solvents like, NMP, DMF, DMAc, all being heavily under pressure by new European Regulations (REACH). To ensure long term compliance, there is strong need for sustainable, solvent free membrane production processes.

Functionalization of membranes – Membranes that combine more than one function, e.g. filtration and adsorption, would improve the efficiency of the process. Examples are the functionalization of UF/NF/RO membranes towards the rejection (and degradation) of micro-pollutants, inactivation of viruses, etc.

Membrane Partners

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