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NX Filtration is a young and fast-growing company that develops and manufactures hollow fiber membranes and modules for use in ultrafiltration and nanofiltration applications. The low fouling, chlorine tolerant hollow fiber construction provides removal of organics, e.g., micro-pollutants, and salinity in one simple cost effective step.

NX Filtration’s technology is ideally suited for waste water re-use applications and for polishing of surface water to drinking water standards. Other applications include decentralized water treatment, color removal, softening, and partial desalination for industrial, process and municipal applications.

The membrane products of NX Filtration are capable of producing drinking water from surface or waste water in a single step.


To be a leading global provider of technology for producing pure, ample and affordable water to improve the quality of life.


Inspired by our team’s passion for membranes, we develop and produce innovative products and solutions, enabling our partners to excel in membrane filtration applications.

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