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Wine filtration
Beer filtration
Dairy filtration

Virus and bacteria removal
Colloidal silica and TEP removal
RO pretreatment
Dairy filtration
Replacement existing modules

Micro-pollutants removal
Softening, TOC/color removal
Removal of disinfection byproducts precursors
Recovery of CIP fluids

About us

NX Filtration produces innovative membranes for micro-, ultra-, and nanofiltration based on unique recipes and sustainable production methods. NX Filtration’s major focus is to remove small particles causing contamination, such as hormone-and medicine residues, in the purification of drinking water. In addition, NX Filtration is a spin-off from the University of Twente and is located at the Business & Science Park in Enschede.


Water treatment plant of the future in Wilp (NL)

NXF’s unique hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes play an important role in the total system in order to remove organics, including pharmaceutical residues, nano plastics and other micropollutants from the effluent stream. 

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