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Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes typically have pore sizes between 5 and 50 nm. This make them the go-to choice for the removal of particles, bacteria, and viruses from different water sources. Our UF membranes are based on modified PES chemistry resulting in excellent chlorine tolerance and pH stability. The membranes are operated in “inside-out”, typically in a semi dead-end mode, providing perfect control of the membrane fouling rate.

WED200 module
WED200 module
WMC200 module
WMC200 module
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Ultrafiltration – UF075

Our UF075 membrane, with a molecular weight cut-off of 75 kDa, is tighter than most UF membranes available on the market for standard water treatment applications. The small and uniform pore size limits pore blocking and ensures a stable operation of the UF system due to reduced fouling. Furthermore, the lower cut-off also ensures outstanding virus and bacteria rejections, making this an excellent membrane for potable water production.

Ultrafiltration replacement

Ultrafiltration modules with standard 200 mm diameter are available for loading into horizontal (WED) pressure vessels. The same size modules with end caps are available for operation in vertical (WMC) mode. Our modules are sized to allow for easy replacement in existing ultrafiltration systems. Smaller 110 mm diameter modules are available for decentralized small scale and pilot applications.

Test our UF hollow fiber membranes
The NX Filtration MP modules are used for lab and pilot trial. MP modules are available for the complete range of NX Filtration hollow fiber UF membranes. Learn more ⇒

"tighter than most UF membranes available on the market"

36114805 - waste water treatment plant.
5044104 - pressure gauges connected with many metallic pipes, interior of water treatment plant
20212052 - waste water treatment plant - groups of storage tanks with waste water
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