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direct Nanofiltration (dNF)

Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration, also called direct Nanofiltration (dNF), combines the advantages of a low fouling hollow fiber configuration with the ability to remove organics and salinity in one simple step. The membranes are manufactured using the so called “layer-by-layer” process, where multiple nano-scale layers are deposited on a membrane support. The number of nano layers determines the rejection and flux properties of the membrane. A unique solution for troubled water.

WMC200 Module
WMC200 Module
Module with end cap
Module with end cap


The primary focus of the dNF membranes is on the removal of micro-pollutants and organics from water. These micro-pollutants, such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products are a growing threat to the quality of our drinking water supplies. Our technology is ideally suited for waste water re-use applications and for polishing of surface water to drinking water standards. Other applications for our dNF membranes include color removal, softening, recovery of cleaning solutions (NaOH recycling) and partial desalination for industrial, process and municipal applications.

Reduction in capital and operating cost

The hollow fiber configuration provides an open, low fouling construction as the flow is not obstructed by spacers used in spiral wound elements. In addition, hollow fibers can be backwashed and the PES chemistry allows for continuous operation and cleaning with chlorine and cleaning at very high and low pH. dNF replaces UF/NF, and for selected applications, UF/RO, with a one step process. This results in a significant reduction in capital and operating cost, while reducing the foot print of the installation.

Three types of dNF membranes are available with molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO) ranging from 200 to 800 Dalton.

Modules are available with a 110mm and 200mm diameter.

Read more about nanofiltration, and all our other products in our brochure.

Test our dNF hollow fiber membranes
The NX Filtration MP modules are used for lab and pilot trial. MP modules are available for the complete range of NX Filtration hollow fiber dNF membranes. Learn more ⇒

"Growing threat to the quality of our drinking water"

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